• What matters is to mix the ages our schools show that children of different ages help one another… there is a communication between the two that one seldom finds between the adult and the small child.

    ~ Maria Montessori

This Is Our Ages 6 - 9 Class

Eden Montessori Elementary School

Following both the Jubilee and Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) curriculums (As approved by the department of education), the Elementary school learners’ environment is also rich in content, providing them with the materials and equipment needed to reach their learning objectives.

The children are still free to choose their work, but it is more structured than in the pre-school environment. The class Directress will meet with every child at the beginning of the week, discuss their learning objective for that week, and ensure that they meet their objectives by the end of the week. The latter will be done with encouragement and guidance from the Directress. Children thus learn to set goals, and manage their own time, preparing them for real life.

Our goal at Eden Montessori is to prepare each child to the best of their capabilities, to step out into the world as balanced, confident individuals, able to apply their minds and well prepared for life.



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