• The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn.

    ~ Maria Montessori

Age 3-6 Class Environment

Eden Montessori Pre-School Class

In the 3-6 environment children learn life skills, such as doing buttons, sweeping the floor, pouring of liquids and even making a cup of tea! They learn to add, subtract & measure, through manipulations of the maths materials, such as the numbers sticks and the golden beads. The children are introduced to the fields of biology and science, through the beautiful Jubilee material on the shelves as well as doing experiments and seeing the life cycle of the moth or frog in real life.

Language & reading skills start with manipulating concrete objects, listening to the sounds and connecting it to the correct letter. Without the children realising it, they are soon set on their path to becoming a confident reader.

At Eden Montessori we act from a point of having a great respect for the child, and will never force a child to do something. Our work is to direct and guide the children, making sure that they learn and experience all that they should.



Ages 3 to 6 Play Ground Environment

Eden Montessori Pre-School Play Ground